Wednesday, December 3, 2014

A Horse, A Horse! My Kingdom for a Horse

I've spent some time with Levi Bryant on his Larval Subjects blog today. He has written a fascinating piece on 'writing' and 'inscription', "Bergsonian Reflections on Writing" .

He describes writing as the 'spatialization of thought'. Though I rarely comment on articles in other blogs, I very much wanted to weigh in with how writing and speaking my thoughts pass through a maelstrom of interferences that batter the thought, leaving an inscription that is only an approximation of the thought itself. So I left a comment.

Levi's piece put me in mind of my latest project of synthesizing some of John Caputo's theological notions and the Catholic Tradition.

If Caputo were a horse, he would have to be [w]ridd/tten into Catholicism by David Tracy, spurred on either side by Jean-Luc Marion and Karl Rahner.

I will let that image settle in. Thank you, Levi, for your provocative
'post-human' reflection. I'm off to do some spatialization...

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